Hercules Tire and COOPER TIRE & RUBBER COMPANY  are proud to have marked 50 years as partners in the tyre industry.

Hercules Tyre & Rubber Company is a leading marketer of replacement tyres, distributing its Hercules and associated brands around the globe. Cooper Tyre manufacture the Hercules brand in addition to Cooper and other associated and private label brands. Together, both companies have been involved in the manufacture and distribution of millions of passenger and light truck tyres to independent tyre dealers across the United States and around the world.

Hercules offers an extensive selection in passenger, Ulta High Performance, light truck, medium truck, trailer, off-road, industrial and specialty tyres manufactured by its worldwide supplier network. Hercules has developed a strong reputation among its customers for its broad range of quality products, making the Hercules brand and its associated brands some of the most sought-after proprietary brands in the industry. In addition, Hercules distributes over 20 leading national branded tyre programmes, and collectively offers over 10,000 SKUs, including internationally.