Pirelli stands out from other tyre manufacturers due to their innovation and research, allowing them to embrace new technology to create more value for the consumer. The goal of the Pirelli organisation is to improve performance and minimise their carbon footprint, while developing a quality product. “Power is nothing without control,” was chosen by Pirelli to convey the company’s attitude toward their product. Consistency and responsibility is the ethical code applied by all employees and suppliers of Pirelli products, including Tyre-King.

The P4 Fourseasons is Pirelli’s signature tyre, and this tyre is dedicated to perform extremely well in any season. A blend of Silica Rich Tread was incorporated in the tyre, to reduce rolling resistance, while still maintaining grip on any drive surface. The P4 is compatible on all types of vehicles, from coupes to minivans, SUVs, and even crossover vehicles. The P4 has a great high mileage warranty, matched with superior drive comfort, low noise and Pirelli’s signature traction.

The High Performance All-Season tyre that is offered from Pirelli is the P6 Fourseasons. The P6 was originally designed for high-performance luxury European automobiles imported to the United States and has proved its worth worldwide. The P6 is known best for a smooth journey, while retaining the capabilities to maintain high performance driving characteristics and the ability to improve road handling in rainy season. A 100% Silica Compound with independent shoulder and intermediate tread block sipes help traction in wet conditions, giving the P6 a large spectrum of function characteristics.

Pirelli created the P Zero series, which is a ultra-high-performance summer tyre. The P Zero was created as a result of the 100 years of racing history from Pirelli. The Pirelli P Zero is world-renown as one of the best performance tyres of all time. The P Zero uses a unique carbon black silica compound (using nano technology), which is moulded into Pirelli’s unique asymmetrical design. The technology and materials used allow the tyre to have responsive handling, hydroplaning resistance and dry handling characteristics that give the tyre even wear for extended tread life.