Continental believes that the environment is a key responsibility of business. Every product manufactured by Continental is produced with this is mind.  Climate protection is part of the corporate strategy. The company invests in research and technologies for the reduction of carbon emissions produced by automobiles and industry. Continental’s air conditioning system is a state-of-the-art system that reduces the amount of pollutant gases. Also, Continental contributes to the conservation of natural resources by using reusable raw materials such as plant-based oils and natural rubber.

For an exceptional choice on the highway and street for Light Trucks/SUVs, the ContiCrossContact LX is a great option. This tyre features great handling and braking created by an Open Shoulder design. Four deep and broad circumferential grooves that widen toward the opening prevent hydroplaning and reduce tyre damage on unpleasant surfaces. To improve steering, three circumferential block rows were added, giving the tyre good straight-line performance, while still giving a smooth and quiet drive.

The ContiSportContact 3 is the new Ultra-High Performance tyre. It features asymmetric tread ribs that are designed to absorb obstacles in the road. The new tread pattern ribs give the tyre outstanding braking abilities and amazing steering response on dry roads. This tyre absorbs forces exerted on braking to improve the stopping distance of any car. The ContiSportContact also has unique grooves that prevent hydroplaning to occur on wet driving surfaces during rainy season.

For a tyre that is perfect for ordinary driving with a passenger, coupe, or minivan, the ProContact with EcoPlus Technology is a perfect choice. This tyre features fuel efficiency capabilities, improving mileage. An 80,000-mile tread-life warranty is given to this series, highlighting the superior quality and craftsmanship. This tyre also has world-class stopping capabilities, even in wet conditions.